Notably 2

is here!


Now Available in the App Store

The Notably you know and love has been re-written from the ground up to bring even greater power, elegance, and focus to your writing on the iPad.

  • Effortless Dropbox sync.
  • Organize with Notebooks.
  • Practical privacy controls.
  • And more...

More screenshots, videos, and details are coming very soon. In the meantime, you can read more about Notably 2 in the App Store right now!


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In these modern times when our own written words burn back at us through harsh, eye-straining pixels, it is nice to be reminded of a simpler time when humans employed fine-textured writing paper to please and inspire the soul.

That's why I love this freakin' app.

What you write looks better. And when it looks better it reads better. You even feel better writing it. And yes, all of that may be an illusion to prop up your beaten and weary soul, but as Shakespeare might have concluded, it's worth $2.95.

–Richard Cameron Cray, iTunes review